Cindy McClure CCH

Cindy McclureCindy is the Director of The Centre of Management Creativity and the co founder of High Tech Hypnotherapy. Cindy has devoted her career to addressing the needs of the people in business, sport and with mental well-being. Cindy is a compelling, empowering and compassionate coach, trainer, seminar leader and therapist who has helped hundreds of individuals achieve their dreams through her work in seminars, workshops and one on one interactions.

Cindy challenges and inspires senior corporate teams in numerous industries and has worked with companies such as PMP Limited, Country Road, ANZ, AMP and Swinburne University. Her unique ability to see and believe in the full potential of organisational teams, to challenge them where needed and to stimulate courageous innovation to bring about significant tranformation. Cindy’s programs help people achieve peak performance by being unstoppable in the face of self-limiting beliefs and attitudes, which grow out of challenges, adversity, growth and change.

Over 2 decades ago Cindy was diagnosed with anaphylactic shock an extreme allergy to seafood where the prognosis was potential death from eating even the minutest trace of seafood. After living in terror for 20 years of this life threatening illness and not wanting to live life with such a limitation Cindy worked with the tools of HTH to over come her illness. Today she is a lover of all things sea like and never misses an opportunity to enjoy prawns, oysters and the like. Passionate about peak performance through her application of the Centers tools she regularly competes in open water swims, triathlons and in 2005 even trekked Nepal as part of a fund raiser for the Guide Dogs of Victoria.

Cindy has lectured for 8 years in human behaviour and leadership, teaching both here and internationally. Her academic rigour has formed a stable basis for the Centre in the development of therapeutic and peak performance tools as well as the Centers ongoing projects with osteopaths, medical practioners and psychologists in the arena of mental well being.

Steve Kormas CCH

Steve KormasSteve is most widely recognised as the Founder and director of High Tech Hypnotherapy and the Centre of Management Creativity, a premier source for personal and professional development products and services. Steve is also the founder of the Australian Institute of Advanced Communication Studies and the Chair of Meta Melbourne an association for Practioners of NLP.

Steve has spent his entire life studying and applying the laws of success in healing and business. He has traveled the world and studied with some of the greatest minds in the personal development field to learn both ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technologies. Some of these minds include Dr Richard Bandler founder of NLP, Dr Deepak Chopra, Dr Tad James, Dr Michael Hall and Dr Bobby Bodenhamer. Steve integrates their work with his experience as a therapist and a leader in the field of human excellence.

Steve has become a leading authority on human potential and healing through his unique blend of Neuro science modalities that have become known as High Tech Hypnotherapy. He is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, and trainer. And his goal in life is simple: To help people from all walks of life reach more of their infinite potential for success.

Steve has helped companies dramatically increase their sales, he has mentored individuals to greater happiness and success, and he has created many best-selling programs that share his strategies. He has also trained a whole generation of Practioners in human excellence and healing; practicing in therapy for mental illness and healing through to working with the captains of industry in the arena of human potential.

Steve’s passion for success began over 10 years ago when diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. His Doctor at the time told him not to worry because even though the disease was rapidly affecting him there would be provision for a wheel chair and then a special bed. At this point Steve took it as his personal mission to work with his neurology, transforming his body and declining the prognosis of conventional medicine. In effect Steve became his own first client.

As an astute observer and student of personal development, he constantly monitors and reports on the latest programs and newest ideas that contribute to the advancement of human potential. His engaging style and depth of understanding of the human condition contribute to the growing popularity of his approach to and philosophy of personal achievement and success.