Children and Hypnosis

I can’t believe the miraculous change in my kids!

 Janine Peterson is 38 years old  and has 3 children aged  10, 12 and 15 years old

I have always been interested in hypno-therapy but it was was with some trepidation that I took brought my daughter then aged 10 and later my son aged 12 into see Steve and Cindy.

I worried about the impact of ‘messing’ with their young minds and deliberated long and hard about doing the right thing.

Well I have absolutely no doubts now that I did the right thing.

Steve described the mind to me as a computer, with software that sometimes needs reprogramming. After sessions with Steve my Husband and I simply could not believe the difference in our daughter. She went from being angry and destructive all of the time to being the opposite.  It was miraculous and two years on, she remains a happy confident child and an absolute joy to be with.

For my son the changes were more subtle,  I brought him in to see Steve for very different reasons;  he was lacking in confidence, finding it hard to communicate with people, particularly adults and I was worried about his low self esteem.

I have recommended HighTech Hypnotherapy to  several people and will continue to do so happily. Many thanks.

Hypnotherapy for children is proven to be very helpful, non invasive and fun. Children respond well to hypnosis and we have years of experience with children from the age of 7 years and up, helping them cope with all sorts of issues. (You can find the more common issues and case studies below). When it comes to children, it’s vital that the Hypnotherapist has the ability to relate with the child, establish a rapport with them in order to help them with their issue. Steve has 4 children of his own, the eldest just turned 30 in 2012 and the youngest is only 4!  That’s why he has lots of experience in dealing with children of all ages.

The power of rapport

During our sessions with kids we always speak to a child at their level. We never use language that is out of their grasp nor do we speak down to the child. It is important that they are able to trust us; even the most shy child is able to find their tongue and speak about what happens in their reality, why the issue is stopping them and what they would prefer to be happening.

Imagination and hypnosis

The doorway between the conscious and the unconscious mind is the imagination. For children, it’s relatively easy to reach at the deepest levels, in a much quicker time than required by a good many adults. Stories, adventures, visualization, imaginative games, role-playing, magic, puppets, and costumes work most effectively with children. Any tools that stimulate the imagination are at the Hypnotherapist’s disposal.

What might be included in the session?

  • Playing a game
  • Using the child’s imagination
  • Use of their favourite hobby, subject, thing to do
  • TV program
  • Story telling
  • Going on a magical trip in a rocket ship to mars
  • Taking a trip to a magical forest

What will be included in a session?

  • Spending the first part of the session with both you the parent and your child (until your child is comfortable and feeling safe )
  • Allowing your child to get used to the environment whilst Steve talks to them
  • Any questions you may have will be addressed in the beginning of the session
  • Allowing your child to explain why they are at the session

Some of the more common issues for children that we have successfully dealt with are;

  •  Bed wetting
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep issues
  • Learning and study
  • Weight management
  • Anger
  • Thumb sucking
  • Creating positive relationships to school, sport, teachers, siblings, competition etc
  •  Self esteem and self confidence
  • Issues that may be related to parental divorce and separation


Sally, 7 & Thomas, 8 have such an extraordinary result that Mum and Dad had to try Hypnotherapy too

Sally presented at her session with a number of issues. She often became mute – known as selective mutism (didn’t speak), she had a phobia of flying which meant that one parent had to take the bus or train with her when she travelled  interstate and she suffered migraines.  After only 2 sessions Sally (her parents paid only for one session)  had overcome all 3 issues! Her speaking returned, the migraines miraculously disappeared and she was no longer afraid to travel by air.  Her parents were so amazed they decided to bring her brother for an appointment:

Thomas is 8 years old and was consistently not eating his breakfast or lunch. He would take a long time to dress for school despite his parents repetitive requests and pleas. Mum and Dad had come to the end of their tether after attempting disciplining, threatening that he would lose certain privileges and even promising gifts/treats if he would do as he was told.  He was also complaining of being bored at school and would spend time reading books instead.

Within just days of his session Thomas became a changed child he got up on time he no longer was late for school because he didn’t get dressed when needed and he began enjoying school. His focus changed over night and he started looking forward to getting to school and enjoying the lessons.

With 5 children the parents were so over joyed that they had restored harmony in the household that they came for sessions themselves and also received similar benefits to that of their children.  Mum declared that she no longer had any reason to take efexor that she had been prescribed for depression.

(NB: We cannot recommend that our patients go off any medication they may have been prescribed by their GP. However in many instances clients no longer have reason to take medication and so with their GP’s consent are able to get off the medication.)

Other common issues we work with Children on


Sometimes we find that it is useful to set the child homework. This is part of creating a new behaviour and with repetition the new behavior becomes the norm.

What Parents Need to Know to Make Hypnotherapy Work?

The only effective way we can work with children is for the parent to remain outside the room during the session. This is for 2 reasons. The first is that the quality of information is always better without the parent in the room (no matter how great a parent you are) and secondly the child won’t be tempted to refer to the parent for answers or use the parent to hide behind.

It is also very important that the parent doesn’t ‘re install’ the old behaviour by reminding the child of their old issue by being overly caring or thinking that mentioning the old issue might somehow help. It is more useful to keep talking about the new behaviour. For example a parent might say “Now remember you don’t wet your bed anymore” This creates the mental image of bed wetting (the unconscious mind cannot delete a negative such as “no”, “not” “don’t” etc), what might be useful is creating an image such as:  “how excited do you think you will be when you wake up in a dry bed tomorrow morning?” This creates 2 positive images, the dry bed and the excitement or discovering the dry bed. Remember: Mum’s voice is probably the most hypnotic voice on the planet for a child.

It is advisable that you stay in contact with your hypnotherapist after the session to find out how best to language your communication around the issue.

How many hypnotherapy sessions are required?

Typically up to 2 sessions are needed. The first to create the new direction and eliminate the old negative emotions and or behaviours and the second to check in to see how it is all going and to make sure the new changes continue.

Working  with Children Check (WWC)

We have a current WWC expiry 08.03.2017.  The card can be shown if required at the commencement of your child’s session.


Peter age 11 overcomes paralyzing anxiety and stage fright.

Peter is a talented singer and musician. However it was impossible for him to go on stage to perform. His anxiety about his performance meant that he was physically ill due to anxiety before going on stage.

His Mum, Anna didn’t know how to help, but was desperate to try anything as Peter had a very big performance coming up that he couldn’t afford to miss due to his stage fright and nerves.   In the past she had tried talking to him but that didn’t help. She didn’t know who to turn to but stumbled upon Hypnotherapy online and decided to give it a go.

Within a day after the session Peter arrived backstage to a full house of over 1,000 people where he would perform in front of the orchestra as the lead singer.

He went on stage excited and gave the performance of his life. The performance was an enormous success. Peter was ecstatic and his mother was relieved. He was not ill and in fact he was excited leaving behind the old unwanted emotions and behaviours that had plagued him for a long time.

Case Study

Tom displays obsessive compulsive (OCD) like behaviour that is eliminated in 1 brief session

Tom is a bright, likeable  10 year old boy who came to us for an unusual behaviour he had developed in reaction to having his hands and feet wet. Every time he got his hand and feet wet he had to apply lanolin cream because he couldn’t tolerate the feelings. This made bathing, and swimming very difficult because he had to obviously apply cream after each time. His Mum was very worried since his behaviour, particularly at school was beginning to attract unwanted attention. With puberty on the way Tom needed to eliminate this beahviour before it started to escalate and get even more out of control.  After a single brief session his Mum nervously asked how it went and when she could see for her own eyes if the Hypnotherapy had worked. Tom told his Mum that he had already been to the bathroom and washed his hands with no desire what so ever to apply cream. The old feelings that used to drive the behaviour had also miraculously gone too!