Depression Hypnotherapy

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?

  • Total lack of motivation?
  • Emotional breakdowns: can’t stop crying?
  • Can’t leave the house?
  • Life feels like an enormous weight you carry around?
  • A feeling that life isn’t worth living?

You’re not the only one! Depression is one of the most common symptoms of modern life – especially MODERN life, and we say “symptom” because that’s what we consider it to be – a treatable, manageable (and expected) symptom of the day to day stresses of modern lifestyles that can be treated effectively through anti-depression hypnotherapy.

The stress of work, relationships, debt and professional commitments will send most of us into a depressed state at some point in our lives. This is not unusual.

In fact, research shows that 75% of people naturally come out of depression within a few days or weeks, but you may be part of the remaining 25% who can become unable to function day to day without medication.

Anti-Depressant Medication

Anthony Robbins famously said that in America depression is seen as a Prozac deficiency and not something that can be removed, no doubt thanks to the extensive marketing by the makers of anti-depressant drugs that tells us ‘everything will be ok’ if we take their drug.

On the contrary, relieving depression in the long term requires getting to the source of the problem. Treating the symptoms with pharmaceuticals will only encourage the feelings of depression and anxiety to return unless you take more and more of them. There is no clear remedy in sight…

Depression hypnotherapy acts at the root of the cause of your depression. Without reliving negative experiences, our professional hypnotherapists use effective relaxing and meditative hypnotherapy treatment to cure your depression faster than you could imagine.

Breaking Old Patterns

Is your depression forcing you to live the same pattern every day just to get by? This repetition continues to create the same result – more depression – but most of us have no idea where to start with breaking this cycle. Each day with depression is like quicksand, you don’t have the energy to fight but feel yourself sinking a little more every day, eventually you don’t even care.

You can break this cycle before it ruins your relationships or career, and we can teach you the skills to do this through the proven curative power of anti-depression hypnotherapy.

To help you overcome depression we start by teaching you to put the past, present and future into their true perspective through our meditative anti-depression hypnotherapy, so you can start enjoying the life you deserve.

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