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I had a Public Speaking and social phobia that caused me constant nervousness over having to “perform” in social contexts. I dreaded the idea of it and felt awkward and resistant to any hint of a Public Speaking opportunity or social activity. I coped with drink binging, drugs and eating bad food. It had been a cycle for many years despite having tried psychologists.

After the session I had a week of road shows organised for work. I got to the end of the week and I was thinking what ever was my problem? Because all the issues had so completely disappeared it was very hard to know what the original problem was since it had completely disappeared.

Peter Hewson is 40 years old and is an Executive Sales Manager for a Multinational IT company.

We can help you obliterate your fears: FACT!

Phobias are irrational, intense and persistent. If you have a phobia that’s causing you distress, whether it’s one of the many hundreds of common phobias or one that is unique to you, your activities, things or people. If you suffer from phobias you will know that the main symptom is an obsessive desire to avoid the feared subject or situation, but if avoidance isn’t possible the next stage of symptoms can become extremely distressing.

You may experience any of the hundreds of common phobias, or a rare personal phobia that is unique to you and your life experiences, but it is likely that your fear will fit into one of these 3 categories:

  • Social
  • Spatial
  • Specific

Social phobias

Do you fear embarrassment or what people might think of you? Not good enough? Not smart enough? Not educated enough? These are the basis of most social fears including:

  • Fear of public speaking
  • Fear of eating in public
  • Fear of self expression
  • Fear of leaving the house (Agoraphobia)
  • Fear of crowds or large groups
  • Fear of general social situations

You may feel that these phobias are common or normal or even physical, especially if your reaction includes anxiety symptoms like increased heart rate, breathing difficulties or panic attacks, but the mind is a powerful thing which creates these feelings based on our thoughts, the way we talk to ourselves, the things we picture or see to ourselves.

If you experience Claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces) or agoraphobia (fear of leaving your home) or perhaps a fear of flying or heights these are always in the top phobias in any survey or study.

You are not alone if you suffer from any of these phobias, whether you are just slightly afraid or spiral into a complete meltdown. Phobias come in a variety of levels of severity so if your phobia is starting to affect your lifestyle, it is time to seek help and overcome these fears once and for all.

Spiders, birds, cats or dogs … It’s all the same to us. We know how the phobias work, we know how to take them apart, neutralize or destroy them. And best of all, only one session!

Let us share the best in mind science techniques with you.