Smokers Use Our Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy To Finally Kick The Habit

Have you tried to quit with patches or gum and you’re still smoking?


Can’t stand the sight of the new packaging; the horrific pictures now appearing on cigarette packs?

Quit SmokingHad enough? Then read on…
People tell us it is hard when they are out for a drink with friends, studying for exams, after a meal, while driving, while talking on the phone or even while watching television. If this sounds like you, our quit smoking hypnotherapy can finally free you of the urge to smoke in any specific situation.

Think of smoking hypnotherapy as a session of concentrated relaxation, much stronger than meditation but based on the same principles. Your subconscious mind holds the key to your addictions and habits, and any barriers to breaking these can be overcome with hypnosis.

Habit versus Addiction

Talking on the phone, going out with friends … these are activities that you continue to do after quitting smoking, so the physical urge to smoke remains strong even if your body is getting substitute nicotine from a patch or gum.

One client told us of her strong desire to smoke every time she made a phone call, meaning she had to stay off the phone if she wanted to avoid the urge to smoke a cigarette because of the strong psychological connection between those activities. Her body didn’t crave nicotine at any other time, so this wasn’t an addiction to nicotine but a psychological habit formed over years of repeated behaviour.

Smoking hypnotherapy focuses on this habit, which is different to the physical addiction to nicotine which most people find easier to break.

“I even forgot that I used to smoke”

Rob is a 42 yo builder who quit after several other unsuccessful attempts

I started to get worried about the long term effects of smoking. I began smoking in my early 20’s as a thing that I did with mates but over the years more of my mates gave up and I started to feel like the odd man out a social gatherings.

I had tried a number of other ways to quit; patches, gum, medication and will power but they never worked or worked for a short time only. I found the session with Steve was easy and straight forward. It was fast and after the session I didn’t feel like a cigarette. In fact it was 3 weeks after the session I was standing at a BBQ and someone lit up and I remembered that I used to smoke but I had forgotten about it completely. 2 years down the track and I haven’t had one. The best thing was that I never picked up a replacement addiction after the session since Steve dealt with that too!

Heavy Smokers

You could be thinking that you have been smoking for so long that you’ll never be able to quit, but we have succeeded with many heavy smokers – some smoking 2-3 packs per day with most smoking for over 20 years.

Our quit smoking hypnotherapy methods are scientifically proven and have a phenomenal track record of results.

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