Monumental shift when I found a girl

I decided to do a Hypnotherapy session with Steve because I was feeling really bad. I was in a bad space, I was drinking too much and I was anxious and depressed all the time. I found myself at the cross roads in my life I had to do something quickly because I didn’t see any future.

Something used to stop me from talking to girls in bars and clubs so I used to drink to cope with the anxiety. I never really knew why until the last year but I had some sort of beliefs like “I don’t want to be alone” which was actually causing this problem when I went out.

After years of not being able to be in a relationship I was seeing a girl for 4 months which has been huge since I have not been in a relationship with a girl for so long and now we are really good friends. I also quit my job and now work for myself and I have stopped sharing my place with a flatmate and recently moved into a new apartment for the first time in 10 years.

I have stopped drinking excessively and essentially very little bothers me anymore. All my anxieties are gone and I am pretty neutral in relating to my life. In fact I have been able to accept myself and enjoy life being at peace just content and happy.

In relationships when I have a hiccup I now have a much better recovery time. I simply don’t get upset like a used to. In the past a used to take weeks maybe even months to recover from issues that happen in relationship.

In getting to the bottom of a very key belief I had “being unlovable and I don’t want to be alone” everything else started to change when I was able to get rid of these beliefs and feelings forever.

I have recommended Steve to lots of people! He has helped me completely turn around my life. I don’t think you will be able to find anyone else in Australia that is as good as him.

Rod is a 45 year old Education developer.


Seeing Steve has been the best thing I have ever done in my life.

I was on my own with two kids after a difficult separation. I had years of abuse from my ex he had emotionally pushed me to the ground and I had no shred of self-esteem left. My self-image was terrible, I thought my body was ugly and I had hated my boobs all my life.

It was after the session that I started to really recognise just how poor my self-esteem, my self-worth and poor my self-body image really was During the session I felt all the fear, anxiety, stress and depression that I had been holding for so long literally come out my toes and fingers. Steve suggested that following the session that day I would have the best sleep ever. And I did! Since my anxiety and depression has gone I have been able to stop taking the Zoloft with the consent of my GP. I just don’t feel like I need the medication anymore.

Marie Clarke 52 year with 2 children is a Sales Manager at a Plumbing Company came to HTH because of her separation.



Solving the relationships puzzle

Relationships can be complex, difficult and confronting.  They can also be sublime, loving, nurturing and a place where one can grow and develop. Many people get married or committed to a relationship early in life and have little idea about how to equip themselves with the strategies that are required for a successful relationship. Together with this the media plays havoc with what should be the perfect relationship; the fact of the matter is that when two people come together with their differing expectations, beliefs and ways of relating many things can and do go wrong.

We understand this complexity and all the issues that can and do go wrong. Many of the conflicts that occur in relationship can be dealt with at the sub conscious mind since most of our ways of relating have been modelled in our imprint years (0-7 years) when we have no capability to reject what is inappropriate of wrong.

Getting the relationship you want

Maybe you just attract the wrong person and you can see the pattern in your life. Maybe you just don’t know how to relate to others in a way that attracts the right people. Perhaps you have your foot in your mouth as soon as it opens and it just doesn’t get the result you intend. Perhaps you are almost phobic and even thinking about talking  to another stranger terrifies you.

We know how to help.

Just find me a friend

Few or no friends can feel lonely or isolating. It can often be a precursor to depression. There are limiting behaviours that stop or inhibit us from creating the friendships we desire. We all need friends someone to share life with our experiences, our dreams, and our problems.

We can put you on the right path. We don’t require long explanations, or digging up you past so call us today to make an appointment.