What our clients say

We value our clients privacy and confidentiality is something we treat seriously. Many of our clients come to us with very personal issues and challenges and prefer to keep themselves anonymous, however sometimes when our clients are freed from the constraints of a big issue that has been stopping them live their life fully, they really want to express their gratitude and share their stories… with you. With their permission, we have published some below:

I always thought of myself as a happy positive person.

Lindy D. is a 55 year old self employed professional

It was recommended that I have a session with Steve, to help clear any underlying emotions that were holding me back from progressing further in my business. I went along to the session with an open mind, although I was feeling a little anxious as it was a new experience for me.

During the session I felt relaxed as Steve explained how the session would run and he was very reassuring that I would remember all that we talked about.

At the end of the session I felt a sense of calmness as I headed off for home.

It was over the next few days that I began to notice the positive changes in both my thoughts and actions, in both personal and business situations

That negative inner dialogue and conflict was simply, not there.

I had always thought of myself as being a happy positive person, yet soon after my session, I was having a quiet coffee and chat with my daughter, when I became aware of a higher level of happiness inside me.

I have also noticed

an increase in my energy levels and have been waking up earlier and getting through a lot more work and activities throughout the day.

  • Increased Traits
  • Strong, confident and ready to make decisions.
  • Motivated- On fire!
  • Improved communication with G. Once I recognised his style of communication it has made it so much easier to communicate what I want.
  • Its OK to say no.
  • More productive
  • I have clarity and I can get through more stuff.  Before it would go around in circles.  Now since the emotional issues have disappeared I am free to go about and get more done in my busy day.

This has been very empowering for me.

When I speak to clients now I am enthusiastic and passionate which is infectious and this has brought me so much more business.  Before I was tired, overwhelmed and had a feeling of having hit the wall.

I can visualise now.  Previously I was unable to see my future now I not only am able to see where I am going very clearly but I am also dreaming of the future!!

In hindsight I think I had been running on empty from giving and giving and somehow I was just going through the motions.  Now I feel joyous, happy and energised it is like a light bulb has switched on.


I can’t believe the miraculous change in my kids!

 Janine P lives in the South eastern suburbs and is a mother of 3 children aged  10, 12 and 15 years old

I have always been interested in hypno-therapy but it was was with some trepidation that I took brought my daughter then aged 10 and later my son aged 12 into see Steve and Cindy.

I worried about the impact of ‘messing’ with their young minds and deliberated long and hard about doing the right thing.

Well I have absolutely no doubts now that I did the right thing.

Steve described the mind to me as a computer, with software that sometimes needs reprogramming. After sessions with Steve my Husband and I simply could not believe the difference in our daughter. She went from being angry and destructive all of the time to being the opposite.  It was miraculous and two years on, she remains a happy confident child and an absolute joy to be with.

For my son the changes were more subtle,  I brought him in to see Steve for very different reasons;  he was lacking in confidence, finding it hard to communicate with people, particularly adults and I was worried about his low self esteem.

I have recommended HighTech Hypnotherapy to  several people and will continue to do so happily.

Many thanks.”