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Have you struggled to lose weight and overcome your weight loss barriers? Do you eat too much of the wrong foods even though you know it is harming your body? These challenges are not about food and weight, they are emotional barriers caused by an unconscious addiction to a repeated behaviour.

Hypnosis has been used extensively and successfully in weight loss treatments with a set of stages that ensure all emotional and unconscious barriers are removed. We have developed a course which provides a total of four sessions with us and your own personalized MP3 player to continue your journey in the comfort of your home.

“The last time I was this weight I was 23!”

Jim Costas 45 sheds 34 kilos!

Jim lost 25 kilos in the first 12 weeks!

Before After

Starting weight: 138kg September 2011
Current weight: 104kg June 7, 2012 shed 34 kilos

Goal weight: 98 kg

Jim 45 lives in Melbourne with his 3 kids and his wife. He has battled the bulge for most of his life. He turned to Steve for Hypnotherapy when everything else he had tried had failed. Hear his story.

His Goal: I needed to lose 30 kilos at least. Ideally I needed to lose 40kilos.

I had tried many other weight loss programs such as

  • Jenny Craig
  • Portion control diets
  • low carbohydrate diets

Most of them did work to a point and were a bit of a struggle. But when I got off them I put the weight back on.

His Result: I have currently lost 34 kilos and have 6 kilos to go! The last time I was this weight I was 23 year old and I am 45.
I found Steve to be a very interesting bloke and I felt very comfortable talking to him.

The session: Actually I left the session with Steve feeling it was a waste of money. I really felt like nothing was happening but as a few days passed I noticed that I was being careful around what I was eating and feeling more comfortable and determined that I had ever been. In fact it was pretty subtle but effective.
I walked in, did the session then walked out thinking that nothing’s happened! I asked myself did I do anything.

Following the session: Then after a few days I realised of all of a sudden I was on track where normally I wouldn’t have been! About 3 weeks after the session I started walking as well! Every day, rain hail or shine I will walk for 45 minutes a day – I had never done that before! What was even more surprising was that no one was forcing me to do it! I just do it. I have kept up the walking now for 8 months. From the session I had in September I lost 25 kilos in 3 months!
The best part is that I feel really good now I have dropped over 2- 3 clothes sizes in that time.

What Jim discovered: I am more careful with food choices. When I go out I can comfortably eat differently from others. Stay away from carbohydrates, fatty foods and takeaways. Strict through the week and then on the weekend I treat myself to what I want. But it is always within a boundary. Part of my mentality is that if I overdo it on the weekend when Monday morning arrives I will have to lose all that weight again so I keep an eye on the scales and if I see am creeping up again I am straight back on the program until the scales swing back in the right direction.

How we do it

In most cases you will only require ONE session (with a FREE follow up session). For some, they would like to go on our weight loss program.


Weight loss program

The weight loss program runs over a 6 week period:

The cost of the program is $1,200.

Week 1
Your First Session
The Emotional DriversWe start off by getting to the bottom of why you need to lose weight by eliminating the emotional underpinning driver for your weight issue.You will learn why you have been:

  1. eating the wrong foods
  2. eating too much too often or portions too large
  3. eating at inappropriate times
  4. using food as a emotional crutch

This session focuses on how you respond to daily stresses and creates tools for you to start losing weight.

Week 2
Relax At Home
Practice the relaxation techniques at home** You will receive a personalized MP 3 player containing personalised hypnosis to support and accelerate your journey to good health.
Week 3
Your Second Session
Reprogramming Your Auto PilotNext we focus on switching on that “auto” part of your mind that knows how to automatically select healthy foods which are appropriate for your body and ignore those which are harmful.You will learn how to trust your unconscious mind to make the right decisions by teaching it how to do so in a conscious and deliberate manner.
Week 4
Your Third Session
An Active LifestyleThe word exercise scares most people away because it conjures images of personal training sessions and hard work, so that becomes a barrier to an active lifestyle.You will overcome any barriers, limitations or beliefs in this session that stop you from living a healthy, happy and active lifestyle. A fitter, leaner and stronger body is possible if you overcome your challenges on an unconscious level.
Week 5
Relax At Home
Practice the relaxation techniques at home** You will receive a personalized MP 3 player containing personalised hypnosis to support and accelerate your journey to good health.
Week 6
Your Fourth Session
Supercharge Your MotivationYour final step is a session dedicated to generating a powerful motivating force to allow you to achieve your goals and beyond.This class integrates the first three sessions and focuses on any final barriers which you may be experiencing.

Here’s what one of our clients has to say:

Faye Karp drops 3 dress sizes on the HighTech Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Program.

How has the program changed your relationship towards food and eating?
Well if you are a smoker or a drinker you can abstain from drinking and smoking, but with food you still have to eat! I started to see myself as a “garbage-a-holic” I would eat what I call garbage food in between healthy meals Now I have given up that way of eating.Now I feel that I have more control around food. If I need to snack, I reach for healthy food like fruit or nuts. I was recently given a box of chocolates and I gave them to someone else (rather than eating them myself) as I just don’t feel like eating this type of treat anymore.How has your approach towards exercise changed since your sessions?
I walk 6 days a week at 6am. It has just become something that is automatic for me now… and the best thing about this is that this was completely my decision as with all the changes I have made about eating and exercise since the program.

Your weight loss journey doesn’t need to be so challenging if you are able to stop fighting those unconscious urges to repeat damaging behaviour. You have the knowledge and strength to start a weight loss journey today – we can give you the rest of the tools to guarantee your success.

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